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Financial institutions face increased challenges as COVID-19 fraud cases continue to rise

As the world adjusts to a new reality resulting from the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the financial behavior of consumers around the world is shifting. Financial institutions are seeing more and more of their customers turn to channels they otherwise would not use including larger cash withdrawals, cryptocurrency, and the switch to more online banking. But […]

Ogma 3.0: Visual Grouping out in beta!

We recently released Ogma 3.0, a new version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new feature called Visual Grouping. The Visual Grouping feature provides a new way to make sense of complex graphs: Highlight similar entities by grouping them together visually, Simplify visualizations by grouping nodes and relationships, Dynamically switch […]

Linkurious Enterprise 2.9: Property key access rights, custom actions, and plugins

We are happy to share that Linkurious Enterprise 2.9 is available in beta. This new version ships with:  Property-key level access rights for finer-grained security Custom actions to interact with other apps Plugins to extend Linkurious Enterprise with your own functionalities This release also brings changes to the search syntax. Please note that this release […]

We’re sponsoring these Neo4j Graph events – see you there

We’re excited to announce our sponsorship of several Neo4j graph events! Over the course of the next 3 months, we’ll be sponsoring and attending 5 Neo4j graph events taking place throughout 4 different countries! You’ll not only hear from industry experts themselves, but also from key companies relying on graph technology to help transform the […]

Top Blog Posts of 2019

With 2019 having come and gone, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the posts our viewers enjoyed the most! From tracking and visualizing your data to understanding the ecosystem of graph technology, how it can be applied to various use cases, and more! We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for […]

Top 10 query templates to accelerate your investigations

Do your investigations involve recurring steps? Are you looking to make the power of graph queries available to non technical users? Linkurious Enterprise’s Query Templates are exactly what you need. Through the Query Template interface, graph queries are turned into easy to use buttons or forms that leverage context (a node, a time period, a […]