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AML and graph analytics: a match made in heaven

Why should Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams pay attention to graph analytics? In this article we will dive into the problems with today’s AML compliance technology, how it impacts anti-money laundering and how graph analytics can provide a path forward for a more effective detection and investigation of AML cases.

Why Ogma is a great match for Linkurious Enterprise

Linkurious Enterprise, Ogma, and plugins Our flagship solution, Linkurious Enterprise, is a web-based platform that leverages the power of graphs and graph visualization to help companies and governments around the world fight financial crime.

Investigation of a RedisGraph dataset with the Ogma visualization library.

Visualize your RedisGraph data with Ogma

Ogma is a JavaScript library for large-scale graph visualization and analysis. It integrates directly with RedisGraph database to help RedisGraph customers build applications to visualize their graph data.

Financial institutions face increased challenges as COVID-19 fraud cases continue to rise

As the world adjusts to a new reality resulting from the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the financial behavior of consumers around the world is shifting. Financial institutions are seeing more and more of their customers turn to channels they otherwise would not use including larger cash withdrawals, cryptocurrency, and the switch to more online banking. But […]

Ogma 3.0: Visual Grouping out in beta!

We recently released Ogma 3.0, a new version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new feature called Visual Grouping. The Visual Grouping feature provides a new way to make sense of complex graphs: Highlight similar entities by grouping them together visually, Simplify visualizations by grouping nodes and relationships, Dynamically switch […]

Linkurious Enterprise 2.9: Property key access rights, custom actions, and plugins

We are happy to share that Linkurious Enterprise 2.9 is available in beta. This new version ships with:  Property-key level access rights for finer-grained security Custom actions to interact with other apps Plugins to extend Linkurious Enterprise with your own functionalities This release also brings changes to the search syntax. Please note that this release […]