Connect. Search. Explore.



Our Open Source backend indexes your graph so you can connect with it on Linkurious and get started in minutes. When it is done, launch the web application of Linkurious.


Typing any keyword in the search bar brings up all the related data in one step. We provide a console for advanced queries so you can be as broad or as specific as you want.


By focusing on the items related to your search, visualizing and exploring your graph has never been easier. Dig further in any direction using the connected nodes and make sense of your data.

They love Linkurious


Linkurious is an incredibly easy to use tool for exploring and visualising a neo4j graph database.

Playing with Linkurious instantly changed the way we looked at our business. The Linkurious user interface provides amazing speed to value.

Guillaume Allee

Linkurious is definitely helping filling the gap in Neo4j data vizualisation.