Meet Margot Lor-Lhommet, Field Application Engineer @Linkurious

The Linkurious team is growing and we are glad to welcome a new member. Margot Lor-Lhommet is joining us as Field Application Engineer. Welcome Margot! Discover her in six questions.

Who are you?

I’m a mom and a learning-addict with a DIY attitude.

I have a PhD in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and spent some time in academia providing virtual humans with human-like emotions, personalities and conversational capabilities.

I now help our customers design solutions to explore and exploit their graph data.

Can you tell us about the products you love?

I love mechanical tools and raw materials. I’m particularly fond of fountain pens, typewriters, kitchen knifes, sewing machines, wood, fabric and yarn. There is something mesmerizing in the inner potential of beautiful products that boosts my creativity and makes me want to master the tools and materials.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

As a field application engineer, I expect to learn a lot from the various use cases and technological contexts of our customers.

I am particularly interested in leveraging theoretical graph research to create proofs of concepts and design prototypes that help our customers in concrete ways.

Which superhero or fictional character would you be?

I would be Rick Deckard.

What is one thing few people know about you?

I gut-renovated my apartment, learning plumbing and electricity on the way. It was a fun and incredibly rewarding experience.

What is your favourite piece of music at the moment?

When I code, I listen to Steve Reich’s (Music for Eighteen Musicians and Drumming being my favorites), or listen to the sound of rain on myNoise.

As an old school rock and roll kind of girl, The Rolling Stones has a special place in my heart.


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