Linkurious Enterprise

Linkurious Enterprise is an on-premises graph visualization and analysis platform. Fraud, intelligence or cyber analysts use it to detect and investigate threats in large and complex datasets.

Multiple data sources, one seamless view

With built-in support for the leading graph databases, Linkurious Enterprise brings your various data sources into a single comprehensive view. You get a complete picture, eliminating blind spots and reducing the time spent tracking information scattered in multiple tools or silos.

The combination of Neo4j and Linkurious supercharges investigations worldwide. Together we help break down enterprise data silos and reveal valuable connections to boost success in the face of complex data challenges.
Lars Nordwall, President & COO at Neo4j
Lars Nordwall,
president & COO, Neo4j

Detect suspicious patterns

Linkurious Enterprise’s alert system helps you detect threats across billions of entities and relationships in real time. Add your own detection rules to identify anomalies or suspicious behaviors. Analysts can quickly sort through matches and identify the real threats.

Thanks to Linkurious, we brought our data sources together in a unified view to see if a fraudster is connected to other clients. This helps us a great deal to detect fraud rings and identity theft fraud.
Alexandre Dressayre, Compliance Officer at BforBank
Alexandre Dressayre,
compliance officer, BforBank

Investigate graph data easily

Analysts benefit from the intuitive graph visualization interface to investigate connected data. Readily find entities of interest thanks to full-text search capabilities. Apply filters and layouts to untangle complex networks. Expand connections to uncover hidden relationships.

Linkurious' graph visualization technology is a great asset. It's intuitive and easy to use for even the least tech-savvy investigators.
Pierre Romera, Chief Technology Officer of ICIJ
Pierre Romera,
chief technology officer, ICIJ

Shape our platform to fit your needs

Linkurious Enterprise is designed to be data agnostic, adaptable to different use cases and easy to integrate within enterprise IT. Simply choose where to deploy, what database to use, who has access to it or what triggers an alert. Deliver a tailor-made solution, with limited specific developments.

Integrating Linkurious has helped us unlock the full potential of our data, tools and workflow. It saves us time, allowing us to gain insight much more quickly.
Frederick W. Kagan, Director of the Critical Threats Project
Frederick W. Kagan,
director, Critical Threats Project
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Enterprise ready

Linkurious Enterprise supports the following graph databases. Click on a logo to learn more.

  • Cosmos DB
  • JanusGraph
  • Neo4j

Linkurious is compatible with the security requirements of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Open ID Connect
  • Microsoft AD
  • SAML2

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud. Linkurious Enterprise is compatible with all modern environments and web browsers.

  • Amazon Web Service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Getting Started

Install Linkurious

1 Install Linkurious Enterprise

Deploy Linkurious Enterprise on a server. A web browser is all users need to access the application.

Connect Linkurious

2 Connect to your graph store

Configure Linkurious Enterprise in a few clicks to access one or multiple databases.

Access rights

3 Give access to your team

Set up access rights. Linkurious facilitates collaboration among users. Small or big teams can work on common projects.

Detect threats

4 Detect and stop threats

Set up alerts, explore your graph data, share insights and find the threats hidden in your data.

Alexandre Dressayre, compliance officer at BforBank
Alexandre Dressayre, compliance officer at BforBank
Thanks to Linkurious, we've divided by 10 the processing time to identify fraud rings. Our investigations used to take several days to complete; now we can detect misconduct within hours.
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