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Data analysis is about filtering the signal from the noise: our software leads to better analyses and faster decisions.

Build flexible graph applications with the Linkurious SDK

Our SDK helps you build enterprise-grade graph applications or add new capabilities to your existing applications faster.

The Linkurious SDK offers functionalities to build, test and deploy your own web applications for graph analysis. It includes the Linkurious server REST API and its REST client, a powerful graph visualization library, Ogma, and a detailed documentation to assist you during the development of your project.


The Linkurious Server REST API exposes high-level services built on top of your favorite graph databases.

Ogma graph visualization library

Build your custom interactive graph visualization interface with Ogma, the Javascript library for large graphs.

Success stories from our partners


The goal was to capitalize on an existing «lessons learnt» database to improve future missions. Linkurious enabled for a more natural way to search for content results. And better insights from data.

While evaluating several graph visualizations applications, Linkurious Enterprise provided the best option to discover patterns quickly and an easy to use interface.

David Meza, Nasa
David Meza
, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA

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