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Meet André Barata, Software Engineer @Linkurious

We continue our “Meet the team” series with another portrait. André joined us last fall as a Software Engineer. Before working at Linkurious, he was a web developer for an advertising company. Originally from Portugal, he graduated in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. Today, he is part of the Product Team and works on the […]

Meet Cheick Diarra, Software Engineer @Linkurious

It’s been a while since we introduced new team members on the blog, even though Linkurious has been welcoming new people in its rank. It’s time to properly present them! Let’s start today with the presentation of Cheick Diarra, who joined us as Software Engineer a couple of months ago. Before Linkurious, he worked at CINTEL, […]

Sebastien Heymann

Meet Sebastien Heymann, CEO @Linkurious

This time it’s not a new member we are welcoming. We realized we were missing some portraits in this series of introductions! Sébastien Heymann is Linkurious’ CEO and one of its co-founders. Discover him in 6 questions.

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