Lean Data Governance and Metadata Management with Linkurious and Neo4j

Tuesday, May 23rd at 9:00 PDT (18:00 CET) | 60 minutes On-demand webinar | 50 minutes

Many find managing Data Governance and metadata requirements in the age of Big Data challenging, costly and difficult to scale. Numerous off-the shelf solutions now exist to reduce the data management burden, many with adaptors that automate the harvesting of statistics and metadata.

However many fail to adequately meet analytical requirements to the ‘so what questions’ such as:

  • Where does my data originate, flow to and who owns and uses it?
  • What are my most critical data classes / elements?
  • Where are my critical points of failure in my Data Architecture?
  • Which quality, definition, security and accessibility issues should I prioritise.

In this webinar James Phare of Data to Value and Jean Villedieu of Linkurious will demonstrate how you can answer these burning questions using the latest graph and network tools and techniques. They will provide an overview of how many of the largest bluechip organisations are now applying graph technology to intimately understand the hidden connections in their metadata and how you can apply these techniques to your landscape.

James Phare, Managing Director at Data to Value

James is a partner at Data to Value, a London-based Consultancy that specialise in applying Lean principles to Data Management. James has over 13 year’s experience of leading complex data projects in blue-chip organisations. He is passionate about applying the latest techniques and technologies such as graph databases to common data challenges around lineage, quality, definition and other areas.