Visualize your Stardog knowledge graph

Connect Linkurious Enterprise to Stardog and offer investigation teams a turnkey solution to detect and investigate the threats hidden in graph data.


Supercharge investigators

Through its graph visualization interface, Linkurious Enterprise allows non-technical users to search, visualize and edit data stored in Stardog. Users leverage rich visualizations of data and graph analysis features to expose connections, unveil patterns of interest and find hidden insights.

Foster collaboration

The platform helps you integrate collaboration directly into the analytical process. Teams can work simultaneously on the same data, share on-going investigations and access other's finding all in a secured environment.

Ease pattern matching

The query template system lets you save graph query that users can access and re-use on any node to unveil suspicious activities. It allow users to identify subgraph and nodes of interest faster with a simple click.

Why Stardog users choose Linkurious Enterprise

  • Full-text search

    Explore the data using an intuitive search engine, not SPARQL queries.

  • Access control management

    Configure access rights or use external authentication services (LDAP, SSO, AD,etc).

  • Data editor

    Add new nodes, create categories or edit properties without any line of code.

  • Advanced data filtering

    Apply category, property or time filters on data. Filter data on the category or properties-levels.

  • Rest API

    Integrate Linkurious Enterprise with third party applications.

  • Style customization

    Use color, size and icon to style your graph

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Stardog integration overview

How to integrate Linkurious Enterprise and Stardog

Linkurious Enterprise connects in minutes to your local or remote graph database. The platform is compatible with all Stardog editions and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

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Michael Grove, VP of Engineering at Stardog.
Stardog ability to seamlessly bring together disparate data sources to build a more complement view of the data within an enterprise is the perfect complement to Linkurious world-class graph visualization technology.

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Jean Villedieu Co-founder of Linkurious