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Solutions engineer

Job description

We are looking for a Solutions Engineer to ensure that our customers experience the full value of our software, in cooperation with the Customer Success Managers. In a typical week:

  • - You help the sales team understand the technical needs of prospective customers;
  • - You work alongside the Customer Success Managers to help new customers integrate our products (installation, configuration);
  • - You provide technical setup recommendations based on your assessment of the customers’ need and your knowledge of the product to best meet their goals;
  • - You train new customers on how to use our products;
  • - You build Proof of Concept (PoC) applications for our customers;
  • - You craft prototypes and demos to showcase the capabilities of our products;
  • - You provide feedback to the Product and Technical teams about the technical challenges, the needs and the use cases you encounter during your day to day interactions with the prospects and customers;
  • - You take part in the customer support activity;
  • - You split workload with other Solution Engineers (there are currently 2);
  • - You also share best practices with them.

You will interact every day with the customer success, sales and engineering teams, and will work under the responsibility of the Head of Customer Success.


You are self-motivated and you have a passion for solving problems. You have excellent interpersonal communication skills, you set your own schedule and priorities. You are a great teammate and you feel comfortable interacting with various profiles: developers, as well as project managers, sales people and end-users. You want a job with real-world impact and the opportunity to learn a lot in a growing startup. You are open to occasional professional travel, and are authorized to work in the EU. Experience and abilities:

  • - Technical background in Computer Science and Engineering (or compatible studies) or relevant experience as a software developer and system administrator;
  • - 2 years or relevant experience in customer-facing situation solving problems and gathering customers inputs (e.g. in a consulting position);
  • - Excellent written and oral communication in English, and preferably in French or Spanish too, you can conduct meetings, organize and synthesize information;
  • - Knowledge of at least one scripting language (Python, JavaScript, Perl). Experience with basic Unix command line tools (bash, grep, awk, sed, etc.);
  • - Knowledge of software architecture and ability to conduct technical analysis and technical troubleshooting;
  • - Knowledge of databases and at least one relevant database query language (SQL, Cypher, Gremlin).


Linkurious is a growing company of 35 people based in Montreuil coming from 10 countries. Our software helps large companies and government agencies across the globe fight financial fraud, money laundering, and cyber threats.
Our clients are located in more than 20 countries, with several tax administrations (including the French Ministry of Finance), major banks and insurance companies. We also support NGOs fighting corruption.
Our software notably helped the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) reveal the scandal of the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers, and is used by the Attorney General of New York to fight human trafficking.

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