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Head of DevOps

Job description

Linkurious will grow from 20 to 50 employees in the next 2 years, and we need to optimize our back-office processes to increase growth with high capital efficiency. Our internal tools are a mix of SaaS apps and homegrown software. Our processes evolve constantly as teams grow and change their practices. As a result, operations become more complex and involve various teams (sales, marketing, customer success, product, tech, admins). We are looking for a Head of DevOps to streamline our operations with best-in-class infrastructure and software. You will interact with the whole team (development, product, sales, customer success) and will work under the responsibility of the Chief Technical Officer. Your will:

  • - Bootstrap the DevOps by hiring a DevOps engineer
  • - Manage a team of DevOps and IT suppliers.
  • - Take ownership of our infrastructure made of laptops, an intranet network, cloud instances (CI, CD, cloud product, website), software licenses and SaaS tools (CRM, delivery platform, marketing automation).
  • - Contribute to the inception of our cloud offer, unroll the cloud offer to our customers and manage the associated infrastructure.
  • - Ensure the continuous availability and security of our private and public infrastructure (provisioning, backups, recovery, maintenance).
  • - Manage the budgets for projects, timelines, capacity planning, quality of the deliverables and effective communication with all stakeholders.
  • - Contribute to the identification of potential improvements on our processes and tools, challenge them and prioritize them.
  • - Contribute to the definition of business cases.
  • - Formalize the business cases into functional and technical specifications, own the IT constraints and capabilities.
  • - Contribute to the selection of suppliers and the definition of our requirements (robustness, security, compliance, GDPR).
  • - Report key IT metrics (availability, incidents) and project metrics (quality, cost, delay).


You are self-motivated, analytical, and hands-on. You have a passion for solving problems with the ability to encourage others in a collaborative manner. You have excellent interpersonal communication skills, you set your own schedule and priorities. You want a job with real-world impact and the opportunity to learn a lot in a growing startup. You have a “can do” attitude and put a great attention to details.

  • - 7+ years of Information Technology experience, with at least 3 years of Project Management.
  • - Technical background in DevOps or software development.
  • - Ability to build trust, be accountable and a team player.
  • - Ability to lead projects in a way that includes all stakeholders collaboratively in a fast-evolving environment.
  • - Capable of handling multiple simultaneous projects, analyze business needs, plan according to available resources and constraints, meet deadlines, and communicate progress.
  • - Excellent written and oral communication in English and French, ability to conduct meetings, organize and synthesize information.


Linkurious is a growing company of twenty people based in Montreuil coming from 10 countries. Our software helps large companies and government agencies across the globe fight financial fraud, money laundering, and cyber threats.
Our clients are located in more than 20 countries, with several tax administrations (including the French Ministry of Finance), major banks and insurance companies. We also support NGOs fighting corruption.
Our software notably helped the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) reveal the scandal of the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers, and is used by the Attorney General of New York to fight human trafficking.

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