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Backend developer

Job description

We are looking for a Backend Engineer to join our engineering team (8 people, with 2 currently focused on the Backend) and help us build the fastest and most robust graph investigation Backend in the industry.

You will be share the following responsibilities with the rest of the engineering team:

  • - Write technical specifications based on functional feature specifications;
  • - Implement reliable and maintainable technical solutions;
  • - Write Unit tests and End-to-End tests for new features;
  • - Refactor existing code to keep up with modern methodologies and technologies;
  • - Fix bugs and security issues;

You will interact on a daily basis with the Frontend team and Customer Success team, and will work under the responsibility of the Lead Backend Engineer.

Technical context

Our product is an on-premise Web application server used by teams of analysts to conduct investigations on data stored in graph databases. Graph databases are one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years. We are currently compatible with the following graph databases: Neo4j, JanusGraph, Cosmos DB, Datastax Enterprise Graph, AllegroGraph and Stardog. Our backend technical environment includes: TypeScript, JavaScript (ES6) and Node.js (our frontend is in TypeScript, Angular 7).

Our backend is responsible for providing an abstraction layer on top of all supported graph databases, adding a layer of enterprise features (access-rights management, access-control, external authentication via LDAP/OIDC/SAML2), as well as adding graph-exploration features (full-text search, visualization sharing, visualization publication, query template compilation and sharing, UI customization, etc.).


You are a Backend Engineer with more than 1 year of relevant experience.
You have a previous experience with JavaScript and Node.js, as well as a strong interest and a good understanding of Web technologies (protocols, languages, tools).
You have a background in computer sciences (algorithms and data structures) and software engineering (design patterns, architecture).
You are curious and eager to learn.


Linkurious helps government agencies and Global 2000 companies detect and investigate sophisticated threats faster. Data-driven investigators use the Linkurious Enterprise graph intelligence platform to find insights otherwise hidden in complex connected data. Organizations such as the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, Zurich Insurance, and the Attorney General of New York State are making their data their best asset against fraud, money laundering, crimes and cyber threats with Linkurious. Linkurious is a privately held French startup headquartered in Paris.

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