We’ll be talking about graph visualization at GraphConnect in San Francisco

Linkurious will be present for the GraphConnect 2013 San Francisco conference, taking place on October 3-4. Jean will be talking about how to search, explore and visualize Neo4j data with Linkurious.


Graphs are hard to understand even for those who work with them. Whether you’re developing an application or looking for answers in your data, this can be a problem. With Linkurious you can now explore in a simple way the data you store in Neo4j. The presentation will focus on how everyone can use it to solve common problems like correcting errors, identifying patterns or finding and communicating insights.

We are particularly proud to be part of GraphConnect. It is the only conference focusing on the rapidly growing world of graph databases and the applications that are making sense of connected data. The presentations cover various use cases for graphs and are a great way to learn more about this developing topic. This edition will feature presentations by Emil Eifrem, CEO, Jim Webber, Chief Scientist, and Ian Robinson, Director of Customer Success at Neo Technology. Additional talks at the conference will come from other graph thought leaders, enthusiasts, and customers. The complete list of speakers can be found here.

You can register here for the conference.

If you are interested in graph visualization, we hope to see you in San Francisco in October. Just give us a shout-out on Twitter or via email, we’d be happy to meet during the conference or in the following days!


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