We are looking for interesting graph or network datasets : please help us!

We are building a tool to help people understand and visualize graph data. This means that we are always on the lookout for new datasets we can bring the power of graph visualization to. In the coming months we will be participating in conferences, meeting people and writing stuff on this blog. We want to use these opportunities to share interesting stories about the world we live in and we need you for that.

There is something you are curious about? You think there are graph data out there that would be fun to visualize? You want to learn and explore the connections between things? Visualize a particular network? Please share your ideas with us.

We are looking for highly connected data that can be modeled as nodes and links. The easier it is to import it in Neo4j the better.

Currently we are using themoviedb.org database in our demo. There are a few other interesting datasets including some that are already prepared for Neo4j (here).  Stanford has a nice collection of large datasets too. If you are curious, you can learn about it here.

You can help us with your suggestions about the data and the stories graph visualization can be used for. If you have ideas you want to share with us you can contact us on twitter (@Linkurious), via mail (contact {at} linkurio.us) or just leave a comment below.

We are looking forward hearing from you.

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  1. John T Maloney (@jheuristic) March 28, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

    Hi –

    ~100 data sets here — http://data.sfgov.org/

    ~373K data sets here—- http://www.data.gov/


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