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Time-filtering in Linkurious Enterprise

Temporal data can provide critical insights for an investigation, but only if you have the appropriate tool to leverage it. In this article, we show you how time filtering works in Linkurious Enterprise and three methods to use temporal filters to find insights.

guest mode

Introducing the Guest mode in Linkurious Enterprise

In this article, we introduce the Guest mode: a feature of Linkurious Enterprise to share your graph data with occasional users through a simplified interface. You will learn what you can do with it, how to configure it and how to give people access.

How to kick-start graph visualization projects

Linkurious has been invited recently for a talk at the Neo4j meetup group of San Francisco. It was amazing to get more than 140 attendees! Sébastien Heymann, the CEO of Linkurious, came with a goal : empowering the audience with practical tips on graph visualization. Creating pretty and bouncing pictures is easy nowadays with the profusion […]

Our first Neo4j meetup : visualizing graphs with Linkurious and Gephi

Hello everyone, Thursday we were invited by Neo4j France to participate in their monthly meetup. Thank you Cédric for that opportunity. It was a lot of fun. The meetup was dedicated to the visualization of graphs. Neo4j offers a solution to store and access vast amount of data in graph form. To access and explore […]