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How to use graph technology to identify criminal activities in call records?

Call records are a great source of information on real-life networks, but finding insights from intricate datasets can be hard. In this blog post, we show how to use graph technology to analyze call records and identify potential criminals. We wrote this article with the assistance of Ashley Englefield, a Detective in California and an […]

Visualizing the influence of lobbies in Europe

The influence of lobbies on policy making is surrounded with controversy. In order to shed a light on this sometimes obscure activity, the European Union has setup a Transparency Register. We are going to explore the relationships it contains to understand what the lobbies work on and for which companies they work for. Getting the data ready with Neo4j […]

The Crunchbase Graph : analysing the graph

Crunchbase is collecting information about the startup eco-system. Its data is available via csv files. We have seen how to model it and load it into the Neo4j graph database. Now we are going to analyse the data to identify market trends and influential investors. The roles of analysis and visualization We have seen how to […]

CAC 40 : visualizing the French boardroom network

They say it is lonely at the top. For the 450 board directors leading the biggest companies in France that is certainly not true. They form a small network in which a few key individual wield a big influence. The network behind the boardrooms Even a CEO has to answer to someone. For the CEO […]

HR Analytics with graphs : match a person with a job

Linkedin is able to match millions of people with jobs whereas most companies struggle to replicate this internally. Graph technologies can change that. Let’s learn how to match people and jobs and make everyone happy! How can HR departments become smarter? The basic problem of a Human Resource (HR) function is to find, retain and […]

Visualizing business organizations : the collaboration graph

We all know organization charts do not reflect how companies work. Box, the cloud storage and collaboration company, has found a way to build a more accurate pictures. Their research show how companies across various industries work. Companies as graphs Box stores files and manage how users share and work on them. They have 25 million […]