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Manage software dependencies with graph visualization

Discover how Pathfinder helps developers analyse software dependencies using the linkurious.js open-source JS graph visualization library. In this article Michele Sacchetti, Head of Configuration Management and DevOps team at Facilitylive, explains why he built Pathfinder and chose linkurious.js. Introducing Pathfinder Almost every software program has third parties dependencies. As a software project grows with new features, software dependencies grow as […]

Symplur brings new insights into healthcare with social media data and linkurious.js

Learn how Symplur, a social media healthcare analytics startup used the linkurious.js graph visualization javascript library to provide better insights into public health to scientist, analysts and decision-makers. Symplur taps into social media data to offers insights into healthcare Symplur is the leading social media healthcare analytics firm. Its research analytics tool, Signals, aims to empower […]

Creating a Graph Application with Python, Neo4j, Gephi and Linkurious.js

Find out how Packt Publishing, a company editing books for developers, used linkurious.js to build one giant Python graph to understand how its content relate to StackOverflow topics.  We connected with Greg Robert from Packt Publishing who shared with us how he build a great graph visualization application on top of linkurious.js. Read his story to learn […]

Using linkurious.js and Neo4j to visualize the Czech Health industry

We recently connected with a team from the University of Economics, Prague who used linkurious.js to build an interactive map of the Czech healthcare ecosystem. The Czech Health industry In the Czech Republic like in many other countries, there’s a lot of interest in eHealth, the practice of using information technologies to improve healthcare. We […]

Linkurious Sponsors GraphConnect Europe 2015

Linkurious is a proud sponsor of GraphConnect Europe 2015, taking place May 7th in London where it will unveil Linkurious Enterprise, the data visualization platform for graph databases. Meet the growing graph ecosystem GraphConnect is the only conference that focuses on the rapidly growing world of graph databases and applications, and features Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. GraphConnect brings […]