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Stolen credit cards and fraud detection with Neo4j

Have you ever had your credit card stolen? It is not an uncommon situation. If it happens to you and you’re lucky, your bank will end up paying for the operations made with the credit card. But what happens behind the scene? Do criminals get caught? In this post, we see how graph technology like […]

Insurance Fraud Investigation using Linkurious

  In the US alone, insurance fraud costs companies between 40 and 80 billion dollars each year. Being able to detect fraud schemes before fraudsters steal anything is critical for insurance companies. Yet, the detection and investigation processes remain difficult for these institutions. Most of them simply lack the appropriate tools to detect and investigate complex […]

Graph visualization in Qlik Sense with Ogma

In this blog post, Ralf Becher, ‎Qlik Luminary and Principal BI/Big Data Consultant from our partner TIQ Solutions, explains how he developed a graph extension in Qlik Sense with the Ogma graph visualization library to provide new analytics insights.

Linkurious v1.7: Improved performance with AllegroGraph and DataStax Enterprise Graph, SSL support for DSE

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious Enterprise is now available! The release is named Zealous Zebra. Performances for Franz AllegroGraph (AllegroGraph) and DataStax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) have been significantly improved. In addition, Linkurious Enterprise now supports SSL communication with DSE Graph.