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Linkurious v1.6: Revamped documentation, and group mapping.

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious Enterprise is now available! The release is named Yummy Yak. The documentation has been significantly improved and optimized. It also provides the ability to do group mapping from external authentication systems.

Reinforcing AML systems with graph technologies

Fighting financial crimes is a daily battle worldwide. Organizations have to deploy intelligent systems to prevent and detect wrongdoings, such as anti-money laundering (AML) control frameworks. We’ll see in this blog post how graph technologies can reinforce these systems. Using graph technologies to fight financial crimes In today’s complex economy, law enforcement and financial organizations fight against […]

The rise of the full stack graph startup

The last year has seen a growing interest in graphs and the emergence of full stack graph startups. These startups rely on graph technologies to take on established industries like logistics, marketing or law. They find new ways to work with massive datasets and extract insights from connected data. Introducing the full stack graph startup […]

Fraud detection : identifying conflicts of interest with graphs

Procurement departments are supposed to save companies money. What happens when they are hurt by conflicts of interest? Graph technologies like Neo4j and Linkurious can help find suspicious connections in employee and vendor records : let’s see how graphs can be used for fraud detection! What is a conflict of interest According to wikipedia, a […]

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