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Linkurious announces support for Stardog

Today the Linkurious team is excited to announce that we are officially adding support for Stardog. It is now possible to connect Linkurious Enterprise to the Stardog graph database to visualize and find insights from connected data.

Linkurious v1.7: Improved performance with AllegroGraph and DataStax Enterprise Graph, SSL support for DSE

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious Enterprise is now available! The release is named Zealous Zebra. Performances for Franz AllegroGraph (AllegroGraph) and DataStax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) have been significantly improved. In addition, Linkurious Enterprise now supports SSL communication with DSE Graph.

Visualize your Oracle graph database with Ogma

Ogma is a JavaScript library for large-scale graph visualization and analysis. It integrates directly with Oracle graph database, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph (BDSG) to help Oracle customers build applications to visualize their graph data.