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How to visualize your Facebook network

Facebook knows the social network of more than a billion persons. If you are a Facebook user though, you have little tools to explore your own social network. We are going to see how, with a few scraping tools, a Neo4j graph database and Linkurious, we can visualize our Facebook network. There is no easy […]

How Whitepages turned the phone book into a graph

Whitepages is now offering developers access to a Graph API. This is the final step in a complete overhaul of the way Whitepage structures its data. Here is the story of how Whitepages switched to graph technologies and transformed its business. Phone books and the failures of RDBMS If you were born in the 1990’s […]

Browse the Facebook social graph in Oculus Rift with Linkurious

We are excited to announce Linkurious Rift, the virtual reality browser for the Facebook social graph. Virtual reality worlds will soon become a Web powered by social links and we face new challenges to navigate in this cyberspace. Oculus Rift is the platform that will lead to this human and technological revolution, backed by Facebook […]