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Attacking Bitcoin’s anonymity with graph analytics

A new paper by researchers from Harvard and MIT shows that the Bitcoin users anonymity might be vulnerable. Using the transaction history and open-source information, the researchers used graph analytics to associate “real” names to transactions. The public anonymity of Bitcoin Bitcoin allows users to store and exchange bitcoins, a virtual currency. Its supposed popularity […]

How graphs can power drug prescription

Doctors and health care providers are tasked with a very difficult task. They have to choose from an ever increasing supply of drugs which to administer their patients. Choosing the right drug involve checking for potential negative interactions between the drug (or drugs) and the patient traits. That process can be optimized with the help […]

Knowledge management : analysing documents metadata with graphs

It’s one thing to produce documents and another to produce knowledge. Graphs can help extract interesting information out of documents and add an extra layer of information in a knowledge management system. Let’s see how to turn metadata into insights with Neo4j! From documents to metadata Organizations usually have an easier time producing documents than […]

Meet Pierrick Paul, Software Developer @ Linkurious

Linkurious is growing and we are proud to welcome to our team a new recruit. Pierrick Paul will join us as a software developer and help us build the next generation of graph visualization solutions. When he is not busy fighting for the rights of otters to dominate internet memes. Who are you? Pierrick : […]

Graph Viz 101: the non-linear data processing chain

Graph Viz 101 is a series of posts to teach the basics of graph visualization, written by Sébastien Heymann in collaboration with Bénédicte Le Grand of Université de Paris 1. This is our sixth post, please discuss it below! Visualization alone is not enough Visualization is part of a larger process to extract insights from […]

Analysing the Offshore Leaks with graphs

The Offshore Leaks released in 2013 by the ICIJ is a rarity. It is a big dataset of real information about some of the most secret places on earth : the offshore financial centers. The investigation of the ICIJ brought to the surface many interesting stories including the suspicious activities of the President of Azerbaijan. We […]