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Mobile war : patents and graph visualization

If you’re following the news you probably have heard of the epic suits tech companies are engaged in. A US jury has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $120M and Rockstar (ie Apple, Microsoft et al ) has launched a nuclear strike on Google. With every one suing everyone, it’s hard to follow what’s going on. Thomson Reuters […]

Network management and impact analysis with Neo4j

Network management is a use case where graph databases and graph visualization solutions like Linkurious can greatly help. With a concrete example, we are going to see how graphs are the perfect tool for impact analysis and network maintenance. Bad network management can be expensive Operating an enterprise network is no easy task. It involves […]

Fraud detection : identifying conflicts of interest with graphs

Procurement departments are supposed to save companies money. What happens when they are hurt by conflicts of interest? Graph technologies like Neo4j and Linkurious can help find suspicious connections in employee and vendor records : let’s see how graphs can be used for fraud detection! What is a conflict of interest According to wikipedia, a […]

3 tips to find an incubator in Paris

We’re proud to announce that we recently got accepted into the Telecom Paris Tech Incubator. It took a few months to go through the whole process and we figured it might be interesting to share what we learnt with other startups looking to get incubated in Paris or elsewhere. Target the right match for your […]

Crunchbase is building the business graph

Crunchbase, the popular database database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit, is launching its 2.0 version. Crunchbase is now positioning itself as the business graph. What does it mean? Many people in the startup world are familiar with Crunchbase. Its website works has a crowd-sourced database for tech companies and their ecosystem. […]

How to detect bank loan fraud with graphs : part 2

Last week we saw the sophisticated schemes criminals use to defraud banks. The TL;DR version of this is : criminals create fake identities, ask banks for loans and disappear with the money. By going through the techniques used by criminals we identified the graph challenge they face : creating and managing a network of identities […]