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Visualizing business organizations : the collaboration graph

We all know organization charts do not reflect how companies work. Box, the cloud storage and collaboration company, has found a way to build a more accurate pictures. Their research show how companies across various industries work. Companies as graphs Box stores files and manage how users share and work on them. They have 25 million […]

Linkurious will be at the 2014 GraphLab Conference

Interested in graph technologies? Join more than 900 data scientists, software engineers and big data analytics thinkers at the GraphLab conference 2014. Linkurious will be among the companies and academic institutions presenting their work. Come see us! GraphLab, bringing machine learning to graphs If you are working with graph data, GraphLab should pick your interest. It […]

Whiplash for cash : using graphs for fraud detection

Car insurance companies are facing a popular scam called whiplash for cash. It involves fake car accidents and real money. The criminals behind these schemes are well organized. Drivers, passengers, cars : from one accident to another, there is always an element of change. It is a real challenge to identify these criminals and graphs […]

Linkurious is proud to be Scientipole Initiative’s latest laureate

Scientipole Initiative, the French association specialized in helping new innovative projects in Ile-de-France, has awarded Linkurious its support. Linkurious will benefit from new funding and the access to a network of experts. What is Scientipôle? Scientipôle Initiative is a French NGO. Its purpose is to help young startups in Ile-de-France with free services (internal and […]

Attacking Bitcoin’s anonymity with graph analytics

A new paper by researchers from Harvard and MIT shows that the Bitcoin users anonymity might be vulnerable. Using the transaction history and open-source information, the researchers used graph analytics to associate “real” names to transactions. The public anonymity of Bitcoin Bitcoin allows users to store and exchange bitcoins, a virtual currency. Its supposed popularity […]

How graphs can power drug prescription

Doctors and health care providers are tasked with a very difficult task. They have to choose from an ever increasing supply of drugs which to administer their patients. Choosing the right drug involve checking for potential negative interactions between the drug (or drugs) and the patient traits. That process can be optimized with the help […]