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Lyft vs Uber : visualizing fraud patterns

You might have heard that the competition between Lyft and Uber, the leading car-sharing services, is heating up. Accusations are flying and each party accuses the other of sabotage. Employees of each company would have ordered and cancelled thousands of rides. Both Uber and Lyft claim to have data to back up their allegations. Of […]

Travelling with graphs : from Königsberg to the Paris subway

The classical problem of the graph theory was framed by Leonhard Euler. He wanted to know whether someone could visit the city of Königsberg without crossing twice any of its 7 bridges. This little brainteaser for mathematicians inspired Euler with creating the concept of “graph”. The concept itself is abstract but graph theory has many concrete applications. […]

Cyber security : how to use graphs to do an attack analysis

Cyber security experts have a challenging job. They analyse huge datasets to track anomalies, find security holes and patch them. Reacting quickly against an attack is key. We are going to see how graphs can accelerate an attack analysis and help identify potential attack vectors before they are used. The booming business of cyber crime […]

Using network visualization to understand how diseases spread

Vax, a free online game, lets you explore how disease spread through a network. It is a fun way to learn about network theory and the importance of vaccines! The game has been developed by the Salathé Group. It relies on network visualization to explain how diseases spread. In the game, people are represented by small […]

How to kick-start graph visualization projects

Linkurious has been invited recently for a talk at the Neo4j meetup group of San Francisco. It was amazing to get more than 140 attendees! Sébastien Heymann, the CEO of Linkurious, came with a goal : empowering the audience with practical tips on graph visualization. Creating pretty and bouncing pictures is easy nowadays with the profusion […]

Cyber security : how Cisco uses graph analytics to identify threats

Cisco is using graph analytics at scale to identify servers controlled by criminals. Here is a quick look at how graphs can improve cyber security. A massive dataset on cyber security threats According to Datanami, “like all big Internet security firms, Cisco collects data from its customers’ firewalls, IPSs, and security appliances so it can […]