Meetup on graph visualization : join us the 24/01 in Paris

Neo4j, the leading graph database software, will be organizing a meetup on the visualization of graphs. It’s free, if you want to come you just have to register here.

Graph databases are a new way to store and access data by representing it as nodes and connections. It is particularly useful to use highly connected data as social networks, recommendation engines, music discovery or anti-fraud systems do. Graph databases give data scientists exciting opportunities.

We will be presenting Linkurious for the first time and how it can be used to visualize and navigate Neo4j databases.

Sébastien Heymann, the Linkurious CEO, will be also presenting Gephi, an open-source project on graph visualization that he co-founded. Gephi is particularly useful to run network analysis on large graphs. Sébastien will be explaining how to combine Neo4j and Gephi and demonstrating some of the benefits of this approach.

The meetup is open to everyone and registration is free : we hope to see you here!

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