Meet Sabine Bebel, Office Manager @Linkurious

The Linkurious team is growing and we are glad to welcome a new member. Sabine Bebel is joining us as Office Manager. Welcome Sabine! Discover her in six questions.

Sabine Bebel

Who are you?

I’m a young open minded Office Manager. Amateur of art, I actually paint and also like music. And I love to party all night!

Can you tell us about the products you love?

I’m quite a materialist person, my favorite products are fashion and beauty goods (I’m a girl after all!). What I love in this type of products is that they always smell good and also the fact that you can be who you want just by changing your clothes or makeup. I like to match them with my mood, I do believe it gives me strength.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

I wish to improve my skills in HR and Finance, along with many other subjects. I’m really looking forward to learning from the different stages Linkurious is passing through. In fact, I hope to be able to handle a large set of responsibilities and become a great Office Manager.

Which superhero or fictional character would you be?

I would be Mindy Lahiri from the Mindy Project! She is so fun, I love her!


What is one thing few people know about you?

I’m the youngest in Linkurious and I’m scared of thunderstorm. And I love shoes.

What is your favorite piece of music at the moment?

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