Meet Pierrick Paul, Software Developer @ Linkurious

Linkurious is growing and we are proud to welcome to our team a new recruit. Pierrick Paul will join us as a software developer and help us build the next generation of graph visualization solutions. When he is not busy fighting for the rights of otters to dominate internet memes.

Pierrick Paul

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Who are you?

Pierrick : I’m Pierrick. I graduated from EPITECH in 2013. Previously, I worked at the Belle Assiette where I built the technical architecture of the product. I’m a techie guy with glasses and beard. I also love cooking (and eating, of course), internet meme and otters.

Can you tell us about the technologies you love?

Pierrick :¬†Like Obelix, I felt in a cauldron when I was young. It was not a soup’s cauldron, but it was full of delicious JavaScript. I prefer big data realtime backend problems rather than working with JQuery.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

Pierrick : A lot! I’m excited to discover graph databases, work with huge data and build an innovative product ūüôā

Which super hero or fictional character would you be?

Pierrick :¬†I don’t really like super heroes… This being said, if I could be something else than Pierrick Paul, I would be an otter. Why? It’s simple : because otters are cute and live for eating fish and napping. Kind of a cool life, non? Also, I believe the domination of all internet things by cats will end. Otters are coming!

What is one thing few people know about you?

I know how to pick locks. If you ever lose your keys, call me and I might be able to help!


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