Meet Nils Oj, Senior Product Manager @Linkurious

The Linkurious team is growing and we are glad to welcome a new member. Nils is joining us as Senior Product Manager. Welcome Nils!

Who are you?

I am the Product Manager, or we could say the Problem Surfacer: my main task is to understand what problems our clients are trying to solve and find ways, with the rest of the team, to help them reach their goals.

Things rarely are what they seem to be, and I love to find out what lies behind what people say, unearth the intention they are plainly conscious of. Linkurious is the perfect playground as Visual Thinking is mostly unchartered territory.

Can you tell us about the products you love?

A sheet of paper is the ultimate tool : you can write on it, you can fold it to wedge a table, you can light it up, you can create toys like a paper plane or an origami, you can put it up a wall, you can use it as window shade,…

Possibilities are endless. I like the open-endedness of the analogical world, the versatility of physical objects: things can be what you want them to be, which makes this world so intuitive. And this is great inspiration when designing for the digital world.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

I expect to learn how to build and scale a product team.

Which superhero or fictional character would you be?

I would be Sal Paradise in On the road by Kerouac. Reality is messy. There are 3 ways to deal with this messiness : dismiss it altogether, acknowledge it and be petrified, or embrace it. Sal embraces it.

What is one thing few people know about you?

I have a tiny third nipple

What is your favourite piece of music at the moment?

That’s an all time favorite

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