Meet Maxime Allex, front-end engineer @ Linkurious

The Linkurious team is growing and we are glad to welcome a new member. Maxime Allex is joining us as Front-end Engineer. Welcome Maxime!


Who are you?

I’m a front-end developer dad, formed in art school. Amateur of good wine and cold beer, I also drink water and coffee because I am curious by nature. I am passionate about my children, web, interfaces and books.

Can you tell us about the products you love?

I’m obsessed by the « naturalness » of things, possibly because of my formation in graphic design. I worked a lot on the book object, and I’m still amazed by the simplicity and the naturalness of the experience it procures. You learn to use a book and its purpose before learning to speak or walk. And this simple object can tell you stories on a lot of different levels. Despite the fact that its content is the more concret or factual you can find, the feelings it procures are very different for each person. From my point of view, graph visualization is quite close. You can make graphs tell everything you want. It’s open to all possible interpretations from the editor to the viewer, based on pure data and in a strictly graphical way and that’s really cool.

To getting back to the question, I use a lot of great web products everyday. But in terms of experience, I’m never completely satisfied. There’s always a phase of adoption more or less painful, and in the end, it’s never fully « natural ». However, this is precisely what I love about the web. We are at a time where software experience need / try to be reinvented. We leave the paradigm of windows to the canvas of a web page or a phone, with new interactions that the medium induced. This is a world of possibilities and I would like to contribute.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

I hope to improve my coding skills in contact of talented colleagues, to learn and deepen topics related to the visualization of graphs and its impact. I also wish to help Linkurious in its development, see the company grow, which will allow me to meet even more talented colleagues.

Which super hero or fictional character would you be?

I would be Aragorn Skywalker.

What is one thing few people know about you?

I have 2 kids, 3 cats and I farm vegetables in Paris’ suburb.

What is your favourite music piece at the moment?

and many many others.

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