Meet Cheick Diarra, Software Engineer @Linkurious

It’s been a while since we introduced new team members on the blog, even though Linkurious has been welcoming new people in its rank. It’s time to properly present them!

Let’s start today with the presentation of Cheick Diarra, who joined us as Software Engineer a couple of months ago. Before Linkurious, he worked at CINTEL, a telecom and engineering consulting company. At Linkurious, Cheick is working within the Product team to develop the most reliable and high-performing graph platform by improving and maintaining the Linkurious server and other back-end applications. We asked him 6 questions to learn more about him. 

 Who are you?

I am a minimalist, art fan, music fan and foodie.

I have spent 6 wonderful years in India, where I met the nicest people of my life and learned the value of sharing. My closest friends live 8000 kms away from me.

I enjoy building useful systems out of simple blocks and pushing the limits of great engineering and creative thinking. Performance matters to me, I believe software should never slow people down and always feel light and easy to use.

Can you tell us about the products you love?

Post-apocalyptic games and alternate reality stories inspired by today’s lifestyle. It makes you question and understand the choices we made to build our society as we know it.

What do you expect to learn at Linkurious?

Linkurious promise is an unopinionated approach to data storage and analysis. I would get an exposure to several different technologies with their own approach to solving the same data problems. This helps me understand what choices make a great tool.

Which superhero or fictional character would you be?

Vault Boy! Do you want to know what makes me S.P.E.C.I.A.L ?

What is one thing few people know about you?

When I was born, a NES was gifted to me. I can say I was born with a gaming console in my mouth.

Any favorite piece of the Internet at the moment you would like to share? (gif, song, meme, youtube clip, podcast, paper, etc.)

Here is a podcast I listen to almost every day. If you don’t know it yet, I recommend you subscribe right away and prepare to be blown away.

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