Linkurious will be at the 2014 GraphLab Conference

Interested in graph technologies? Join more than 900 data scientists, software engineers and big data analytics thinkers at the GraphLab conference 2014. Linkurious will be among the companies and academic institutions presenting their work. Come see us!

GraphLab, bringing machine learning to graphs

If you are working with graph data, GraphLab should pick your interest. It is building a machine learning analytics engine for graph datasets. Started in 2009 as an open source project by Carlos Guestrin, the software is used daily for millions of recommendations in popular consumer services. To continue and support the development of GraphLab, GraphLab Inc has raised $6,75M in 2013.

Today GraphLab already has several implemented libraries of algorithms, including Topic ModelingGraph Analytics, Clustering, Collaborative Filtering, Graphical Models or Computer Vision. Its mains features include :

  • a unified multicore and distributed API: write once run efficiently in both shared and distributed memory systems ;
  • tuned for performance: optimized C++ execution engine leverages extensive multi-threading and asynchronous IO ;
  • scalable: GraphLab intelligently places data and computation using sophisticated new algorithms ;
  • HDFS Integration ;
  • powerful Machine Learning Toolkits ;

If you are interested in machine learning and working with graph data, like Wallmart or Pandora, GraphLab could help you get more out of your data.

The 2014 GraphLab Conference

On July 21st in San Francisco will be the third annual edition of the GraphLab conference. What started as a small gathering a few years ago has grown into one of the biggest event in the graph community. Among this year’s projected 900 in attendance are data scientists, software engineers and big data analytics thinkers from the companies, academic institutions and organizations leading the way in this space.

Register to attend GraphLab 2014

Register to attend GraphLab 2014

The conference is focused on fostering knowledge and creating connections within the graph community.

Among this year’s speakers are Prof. Carlos Guestrin (Founder & CEO, GraphLab), Prof. Joe Hellerstein (Founder & CEO of Trifacta), Josh Wills (Director of Data Science, Cloudera) or Karthik Ramachandran and Erick Tryzelaar from Lab41. Attendants will learn about real use cases from Pandora (“Large scale music recommendation @ Pandora : design tradeoffs”) or Adobe (“Algorithms for Creatives Talent Search using GraphLab”).

Some of the leading companies in the field of big data will be in San Francisco to present their own technologies and their views on graph data. With around 50 different companies or institutions this year, it is nice to see that the graph ecosystem is growing fast. There are some familiar names for those who follow graph technologies like Neo4j (graph database), MongoDB (no-sql database), Titan (graph database, Ayasdi (data analysis). There will also be a few graph visualization companies like Cambridge Intelligence, Cytoscape or Tom Sawyer Software. You can also expect to meet a few new-comers like BigML, PredictionIO, sqrrl or Dataiku (a French startup specialized in ML).


We are proud to be part of this year’s event. Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious and co-founder of Gephi, will be in San Francisco to present the next version of Linkurious Enterprise. If you are in San Francisco around that time, come say hello!

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