Linkurious v1.7: Improved performance with AllegroGraph and DataStax Enterprise Graph, SSL support for DSE

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious is now available! The release is named Zealous Zebra. Performances for Franz AllegroGraph (AllegroGraph) and DataStax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) have been significantly improved. In addition, Linkurious now supports SSL communication with DSE Graph.

New features

SSL support for DSE Graph

Linkurious now supports SSL communication with DSE Graph to enable a secure communication channel between Linkurious and DSE Graph. When configuring data sources, administrators simply need to use a secure WebSocket URL (wss://) for DSE Graph.

Noteworthy improvements

Improved performances with DataStax Enterprise and AllegroGraph

In this new version, we focused on improving the performances of Linkurious with DSE Graph and AllegroGraph.

We benchmarked Linkurious performances using the LDBC reference dataset (3.2 million nodes and 17.4 million of edges in DSE Graph, 47 million statements in AllegroGraph) using identical hardware and monitored the execution time of typical usage scenarios.

We improved our DSE Graph and AllegroGraph connectors and achieved between 50% and 95% faster queries, in particular in scenarios involving supernodes.

Update to Node.js 7.5.0

We updated the Linkurious Server to Node.js v7.5.0 which contains performances improvements and security fixes, including an upgrade to OpenSSL v1.0.2k.

Bug fixes

  • Usernames are no longer case sensitive
  • Filters are now applied in widgets generated by the server
  • DSE Graph raw query does not fail anymore when returning literal values
  • Visualizations with an image palette can now be saved
  • Paginate the expanded adjacent nodes with Neo4j
  • AllegroGraph ID property is now optional in the server configuration.

What’s next

In the next release we will offer support to MSSQL and deliver a new process manager to allow Linkurious to be installed as a service on Microsoft Windows.

Try now

Existing customers can download the new release from their account now.  Contact us for any question, or send an email to for help. 

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