Linkurious Sponsors GraphConnect Europe 2015

Linkurious is a proud sponsor of GraphConnect Europe 2015, taking place May 7th in London where it will unveil Linkurious Enterprise, the data visualization platform for graph databases.

Meet the growing graph ecosystem

GraphConnect is the only conference that focuses on the rapidly growing world of graph databases and applications, and features Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. GraphConnect brings people from all around the world. Software architects, developers, data scientists or managers: all share a common interest in graph technologies. That interest is easy to understand as some of the most innovative companies are now using graphs to power new products and services.

graphconnect london 2015

The GraphConnect conference will feature talks about some interesting use cases.  Nicolas Rouyer, Project Manager and Architect at Orange France will explain how to predict incidents with Neo4j. Sokratis Kartelias, Senior Project Manager, Adidas will talk about delivering the most relevant content to Adidas consumers. Finally, Hans Verhoef from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) will explain how to monitor using “big data” tooling.

Throughout the days, training sessions from graph experts like Michael Hunger, Nichole White, Ian Robinson or Stefan Armbrsuter will be available. Modelling, importation, query and deploy: in a single day you can go over everything you need to make your Neo4j project successful.

The conference is also a great time to catch up with various companies involved companies involved in the Neo4j ecosystem like Structr, GraphAware or LARUS Business Automation Srl.

During GraphConnect you can listen to, discuss (and drink beers!) with the great people in the Neo4j community. It’s always a blast and we can’t wait to be here!

Large-Scale graph visualization on the web

Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious, will talk about large scale graph visualization on the web. Visualization is key to extract insights from graph databases. Providing web-based interfaces to interact with large graphs though is a real challenge. Are new technologies like WebGL and web workers changing the status quo? Sébastien’s talk will discuss the new opportunities and challenges of large scale graph visualization on the web. Sébastien Heymann will also introduce Linkurious.js, an open source Javascript library designed for the interactive visualization of large graphs.

Linkurious is proud to be an official sponsor of GraphConnect and support the biggest gathering of graph developers and graph companies in the world.

To attend the conference register with a 30% discount register with the code “ Linkurious30 ” : register.

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