Linkurious sponsors Connected Data London 2016

Linkurious is proud to sponsor Data to Value‘s Connected Data 2016, taking place on July 12th in London. Join us to discover the range of connected data problems that practitioners are tackling around the world. Connected Data London 2016 is the only event that brings together the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Graph Data disciplines under one roof.

Web, Linked Data and Graph Data disciplines under one roof

Speakers will include:

  • David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA.
  • Dr. Jesús Barrasa, Senior Field Engineer at Neo Technology
  • Elena Simperl, Associate Professor at the University of Southampton
  • Dan Murphy, Semantic metadata and DevOps at The Financial Times
  • Szymon Klarman, Research Fellow at Brunel University
  • Paul Rissen, Senior Data Architect for BBC News

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • See how thought leaders from various sectors including – aerospace, journalism, government, academia and many more, are applying connected data technologies in their fields.
  • Network with industry leaders and early adopters on their practical experience of connected data approaches.
  • Learn the theory behind the technologies.
  • Understand the challenges and best practices of the graph and linked data communities.
  • Consider the possibilities for your business or organisation.


Attendees will also be able to see Linkurious in action and particularly how it can be used for intelligence analysis, fraud money laundering investigation and cybersecurity.

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