Linkurious helps reporters investigate the Paradise Papers

PARIS, November 13, 2017: Award-winning startup Linkurious has announced that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and its network of reporters used its technology to investigate the second biggest data leak in history, the Paradise Papers – massive revelations about the offshore activities of the world’s elite.

The 1,4 TB of unstructured data was loaded into a Neo4j graph database and made available through Linkurious Enterprise, as it was done for the last major financial data scandals, the Swiss Leaks and the Panama Papers. ICIJ and reporters worldwide are using Linkurious’ visual investigation and analytics software to explore the data, connect the dots and share visualizations of their stories.

“We are very pleased that Linkurious’ technology served ICIJ’s world-class investigation, along with our long-standing partner Neo4j Technology”, declared Linkurious’ CEO Sébastien Heymann.

Graph technology is perfectly suited to organize and access highly connected data and analyze relationships between entities. Graph databases like Neo4j make it possible to handle large volumes of connected data easily and quickly. Linkurious’ data analytics and visualization platform allows journalists to explore the data, regardless of their technical abilities.

According to Pierre Romera, the ICIJ’s Chief Technology Officer, Linkurious technology was essential to help reporters investigate the leak.

“Graph visualization technologies like Linkurious are an important asset. It’s intuitive to use for not-very-tech-savvy reporters, they just need to click on dots to expand the connections and uncover persons of interest and potential stories in a short time-frame.”

Heymann declared that “the Paradise Papers represents another case of a successful large-scale data-driven investigation that illustrates the recent shifts in fraud investigation. Intuitive big data technologies like Linkurious and Neo4j are changing the scale and the possibilities of this field by providing investigators, reporters or analysts with the right tools to address the challenges raised by vast and complex datasets.”

“Today, tax authorities and financial investigation units use graph technology to fight fraud and money laundering. It’s an efficient way to increase their efficiency, control the cost of compliance and meet regulatory expectations.”

Paradise Papers LinkuriousAbout Linkurious

Linkurious is an award-winning visualization startup founded in 2013 and partner of the International Investigative Journalist Consortium (ICIJ) since the Swiss Leaks and the Panama Papers scandals. They created a software solution that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies identify and investigate insights hidden in complex connected data. Their on-premise graph visualization and analysis software is used for fraud detection, intelligence, cybersecurity or IT management. For more information visit


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