Linkurious Enterprise 2.6: time filtering, undo-redo, custom icons, search redesign, support for Cosmos DB

After months of preparation, Linkurious Enterprise 2.6 is now ready to ship! This beta version brings many novelties including the much-requested time-filtering capability, allowing for temporal graph analysis, as well as consecutive undo-redo actions and custom icons import. We redesigned the search and the workspace to improve the data investigation experience. This release also improves performances for multi-users with JanusGraph and adds support for Cosmos DB database.

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Support for time filtering

The 2.6 version supports time filtering. You can now filter your data by date properties to investigate a flow of transactions in time for instance. To do so, set the property type in the filter panel to “date”, and choose the desired time frame in the bar chart. The date values need to be stored as numerical timestamps in standard Unix Time (in seconds) in the database.

time-filtering linkurious

Filtering nodes and edges by time properties

Undo-redo up to 50 actions

You can now undo-redo up to 50 actions using the left and right arrows. When hovering them, a tooltip will indicate you the action you are about to undo or redo, preventing undesired clicks.

undo redo

Undo redo up to 50 actions

Styling panel: add your custom icons library

You can now upload your custom icon library for node styles. This way, you can use your organization’s standard icons to produce quickly understood visualizations.

custom icons

Add a custom icon library to style your nodes

Search bar and advanced search redesign

Linkurious Enterprise 2.6 ships with a redesigned search bar and a new advanced search panel, so you can retrieve the data you are looking for more easily.

Search bar

The search bar is now always available at the top center of your workspace for a quick access. It provides you with better search result descriptions and lets you search specifically for data within the current visualization using the “local” toggle.

You can now customize how nodes and edges are displayed in search results by using the caption panel. The search results use the nodes and edges color caption design for a better assessment of the results.

search caption

Customize how search results display using the caption panel.

Advanced search panel

With a new full-screen panel, the advanced search now has the space it deserves. 2.6 brings you redesigned filters for more accuracy, multiple-selection and full preview for greater efficiency.

You access advanced search by clicking on the “advanced” button in the search bar, or the “More results” link at the end of the search suggestion list. Type, fuzziness, category, and property filters can be combined and are directly available at the top of the advanced search panel, letting you fine-tune your search results. No more hidden, trimmed filters.

Advanced search linkurious

Access advanced search from the search bar in the top center.

To preview and assess a search result, click on it to open a full preview panel on the right (featuring all properties). It helps to make sure the results you are opening are actually the ones you want to add to your workspace. Tick the checkbox on the left side of a search result and click the “Add” button to add it to the workspace.

search preview linkurious

Clicking on a search result in advance search opens a property preview panel.

Workspace redesign: more modularity and a greater usability

The workspace is where you visualize and interact with the data as node-edge diagrams. It’s where most of the investigative work takes place. We redesigned the left panels behaviors and disposition to provide you with more screen real estate when interacting with the data. We also made design changes so you can better read long category names, long property keys and long property values.

linkurious 2.5linkurious 2.6

Linkurious Enterprise 2.5 workspace (left) and Linkurious Enterprise 2.6  workspace (right) – Click to enhance

New top menus with a simplified access to items

New top left panel

New top left panel

We replaced the multiple tabs system with a simplified, drop-down menu:

menu iconThe three-bars icon opens the main menu to manage your visualization file.

query iconYour query menu is now just a click away. The magic-wand icon opens the queries menu where you can load, edit and create queries and query templates.

more iconThe selection and edition items are under the “More” drop-down menu, simplifying their access and freeing up screen space. Editing items will now only appear for users with the appropriate access-rights, thus avoiding any confusion as to their availability.

The “Find” item, or search panel, has been moved at the top center of your workspace.

The geo-mode icon has been moved in the bottom right corner, closer to the layout options.

Better readability of the property panel

The property panel is the panel that slides up when you select a node or edge. In this version, we redesigned its style and behavior.

Even with an active selection, you can now close this panel to free up screen real estate and focus on investigating the graph. A scroll bar allows you to navigate a longer list of properties without trimming any. Lastly, long property names and values are now easier to read thanks to improved truncation and tooltips.

New property panel

New property panel

A new action menu that saves space

The actions available for a given node and edge selection appear in the vertical icon menu attached to the panel, saving an additional bit of space:

expand iconThe four-arrowed icon is the expand menu. It displays the available expand options for your selection. The new “Selective expand” menu offers fine-grained expand options. You can choose to expand only the nodes connected by a specific edge type. For instance, expand the “Company” nodes connected through a “HAS_MARKET” edge.

queries iconThe magic wand icon opens up the saved query templates available for the active selection, as well as the shortest path feature. To save you time, the latest prefills the start and end points with the selected nodes.

hide iconThe crossed circle icon removes the active selection from the visualization (it does not delete any data from your database). Removing a node or edge from the visualization can be undone.

more iconThe three-dots icon opens an additional actions menu with the pin, edit and delete actions. Pinning a node prevents this node from moving when running a layout. Deleting a node or edge will delete the active selection from the database, which can not be undone.

Compatibility with Cosmos DB

With this new release, we are adding beta support for Cosmos DB graph database. Azure’s cloud-based graph database is highly available and scalable. Its multi-model capability provides enough functionality, power, and flexibility to scale and replace traditional RDBMS.

For search, you can use Cosmos DB’s, built in, Azure Search index. It is generated and kept up-to-date automatically by Azure, avoiding any further configuration in Linkurious Enterprise.

Automated alert management system for JanusGraph, Datastax and IBM Compose users

The new Gremlin connector in Linkurious Enterprise 2.6 brings the alert feature to users with a JanusGraph, JanusGraph on IBM Compose or Datastax graph database. You can now set up alerts for Gremlin queries to automate the detection of patterns of interest like fraudulent behaviors.

Improved performances for multi-users on JanusGraph, Datastax and IBM Compose

With the new Gremlin connector, we also improved the performances for multi-user access. You can now query and investigate graph data with users concurrently, without getting any slowdowns caused by other users.

Breaking changes

Due to a redesign of the API, breaking changes will happen when upgrading to Linkurious Enterprise 2.6. The following APIs have breaking changes:

  • Get adjacent nodes and edges
  • Search a node or an edge
  • Get a node
  • Get an edge
  • Execute a graph query

See the complete changelog in the documentation.

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