Linkurious Enterprise 2.5 beta: extended filter and style capabilities, new graphics engine

After announcing the Graph Intelligence Platform a few days ago, we are thrilled to share that the latest version of Linkurious Enterprise is out! Linkurious 2.5 is a beta version that introduces revamped style and filter panels for a better graph customization and data analysis experience. It also embeds Ogma’s new graphics engine, improving its general performances.

⚠️ Please note that this release is a beta version. Due to the changes to the design panel, some users will lose pre-existing filters and style rules. Please read carefully the breaking changes at the end of this article before upgrading to Linkurious Enterprise 2.5.

New style panel  

Easy-to-read visualizations lead to faster insights discovery, so we decided to revamp the style panel to provide you with more fine-grained options to customize your graph data.

Node color and size picking

You can easily pick nodes and edges colors from a color palette. When setting up style at the property-level, you can choose the color of your choice and set size rules for both quantitative and qualitative properties.  Very soon, we’ll add the icon import feature to let you use your own set of icons and images.

style linkurious

Applying icon, color and size rules on a node category and then adding a specific style rule at a node property-level from the style panel.

Create your default style from the interface

The default style is the visual aspect of nodes and edges systematically applied when users open a new visualization. Administrators can now create a default style for users directly from the interface by using the “save styles and captions as default” option in any visualization  – no code needed! –

saving style linkurious

Saving the default style from the visualization interface.

Custom rules for numerical properties

Administrators can implement custom style rules for numerical properties from the data-source configuration page. For example, you can set a rule to color in red all “transaction” nodes with an “amount” property higher than 10,000$.

The documentation references the full list of styling possibilities via the configuration files such as nodes and edges shapes, transparency or custom icons.

⚠️ Please note that Linkurious Enterprise 2.5 is a beta version, and existing color gradient and size rules, based on node numerical properties will be lost when upgrading. If you have questions about this or do not know if you should upgrade, please contact the support.

New filter panel

Depending on the insights you are looking for at a given time, only a fraction of information is relevant in your visualizations. The new filtering features enable you to remove the noise and focus on important information during your investigations.

Transparent nodes and edges

The filter panel is now separated from the style panel and offers advanced property-based filtering. Filtered nodes and edges appear transparent instead of being hidden.

Numerical property bar chart

We revamped the filtering of numerical properties and replaced the range checkboxes by a bar chart. This ensures a better understanding of the distribution of values and lets you set custom range filters by dragging the cursor directly in the bar chart.

filter linkurious

Filtering out nodes by category and filtering out nodes based on a numerical property using the bar chart.

Structured filtering

You can now apply a filter on a property for a given node or edge category. You can combine multiple filters, on categories or properties, for nodes and edges. For instance, you can filter out specific “transaction” nodes based on their “location” property to focus your investigation on the areas of your choice.

⚠️ Please note that upgrading to Linkurious Enterprise 2.5 will reset the filters applied in your current visualizations. If you have questions about this or do not know if you should upgrade, please contact the support.

Ogma new graphics engine

Linkurious Enterprise 2.5 is powered by the new graphics engine of our visualization library Ogma. More powerful and memory efficient, the Ogma graphics engine improves the visualization quality and your experience with large graphs. Thanks to the WebGL renderer, you can now display and interact seamlessly with several thousand nodes in your visualization.

Breaking changes

When upgrading to Linkurious 2.5 the following breaking changes will happen:

  • Existing filters in visualizations are lost
  • Quantitative styles coloring nodes using a gradient for numerical properties are lost
  • Quantitative styles coloring edges using a gradient for numerical properties are lost
  • Quantitative styles setting the radius of nodes for numerical properties are lost
  • Quantitative styles setting the width of edges for numerical properties are lost

What’s next

Our team is already working on the next changes for the interface. The upcoming release will bring you a revamped workspace, with more modularity and a greater usability. We are also improving the search panel. Stay tuned!


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