The most innovative startups at Big Data Paris 2014

Interest for big data is growing rapidly in France. Last week’s Big Data Paris conference was a good testimony of that. We were present and would like to share a quick recap of the most interesting French start-ups we saw there.

Big Data Paris : meet the French companies working on big data

Big Data Paris : meet the French companies working on big data


What do they do : BIME is a SAAS business intelligence solution. BIME users can connect many data sources (online services and databases), analyse it and build dashboards.

Why you should care : BIME is trying to combine a powerful back-end and an easy to use interface. Their goal is to bring business intelligence to more and more people. They recently  opened an office in the USA and it seems they are making progress toward their goal!

More : company webiste


What do they do : Dataiku provides a all-in-one solution where engineers and business people can work alongside to build predictive applications.

Why you should care : Data science projects are complex projects that involve many people and technologies. Dataiku is like a Swiss-army knife that makes this work. The result is teams that deliver projects in weeks instead of months by reducing the back-and-forth between IT and the business.

More : company website


What do they do : Focusmatic provides a next generation social media monitoring & analysis tool.

Why you should care : Staying on top of social media is a challenge for all brands. Focusmatic allows to amass massive amounts of data and analyse it in detail.

More : company website


What do they do : Glowbl is a social website that makes it possible to meet and share media content and live events with others.

Why : The experience of using Glowbl is unique. It allows you to create or join “bubbles”. where you can have separate conversation while watching a common event. Just like in real life. Bonus point : they love graphs and Neo4j too!

More : company website


What do they do : Semsoft provides AGGREGO SUITE, a data integration platform. AGGREGO is a virtual database that consolidate heterogeneous data sources without centralizing them.

Why you should care : AGGREGO helps businesses build a 360° view of their data. It’s a great foundation for  businesses looking to get more out of their data.

More : company website

As for us, the conference was a great opportunity to showcase our technology, see our partners (it was a blast to work alongside the Neo4j team!) and meet potential customers. Hopefully this will translate in interesting developments in the coming weeks!

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