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Reshipping scams and network visualization

Drug lords are not the only persons using mules to launder money. Ecommerce operations are confronted to “reshipping scams”. In these scams, mules are used by online fraudsters to turn their credit cards into actual goods. Graphs can help detect this fraud. When a job ad turns you into a money laundering mule We have […]

Lyft vs Uber : visualizing fraud patterns

You might have heard that the competition between Lyft and Uber, the leading car-sharing services, is heating up. Accusations are flying and each party accuses the other of sabotage. Employees of each company would have ordered and cancelled thousands of rides. Both Uber and Lyft claim to have data to back up their allegations. Of […]

Cyber security : how to use graphs to do an attack analysis

Cyber security experts have a challenging job. They analyse huge datasets to track anomalies, find security holes and patch them. Reacting quickly against an attack is key. We are going to see how graphs can accelerate an attack analysis and help identify potential attack vectors before they are used. The booming business of cyber crime […]

Using network visualization to understand how diseases spread

Vax, a free online game, lets you explore how disease spread through a network. It is a fun way to learn about network theory and the importance of vaccines! The game has been developed by the Salathé Group. It relies on network visualization to explain how diseases spread. In the game, people are represented by small […]

Visualizing business organizations : the collaboration graph

We all know organization charts do not reflect how companies work. Box, the cloud storage and collaboration company, has found a way to build a more accurate pictures. Their research show how companies across various industries work. Companies as graphs Box stores files and manage how users share and work on them. They have 25 million […]

Whiplash for cash : using graphs for fraud detection

Car insurance companies are facing a popular scam called whiplash for cash. It involves fake car accidents and real money. The criminals behind these schemes are well organized. Drivers, passengers, cars : from one accident to another, there is always an element of change. It is a real challenge to identify these criminals and graphs […]