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Fraud detection in retail

Fraud detection is all about connecting the dots. We are going to see how to use graph analysis to identify stolen credit cards and fake identities. For the purpose of this article we have worked with Ralf Becher, Ralf is Qlik Luminary and he provides solutions to integrate the Graph approach into Business Intelligence […]

Using graphs to uncover insider trading schemes

When there is power and money at stakes, individuals will resort to cheating to beat the competition. Professional sports have doping and financial markets have insider trading. To understand the role data analysis play in fraud investigation, look no further than the case of former SAC Manager Mathew Martoma convicted in what may be the […]

HR Analytics with graphs : match a person with a job

Linkedin is able to match millions of people with jobs whereas most companies struggle to replicate this internally. Graph technologies can change that. Let’s learn how to match people and jobs and make everyone happy! How can HR departments become smarter? The basic problem of a Human Resource (HR) function is to find, retain and […]

Brute force attacks and graphs

Brute force is a basic hacking method and yet it is effective and hard to spot. What if graphs could help identify brute force attacks? What is a brute force attack? In a brute force attack, a hacker will access a system by trying a list of passwords until he finds one that works. It […]

Can graphs help fight Ebola?

A US defense contractor is using a graph-based approach to understand how Ebola spreads. From tracking bad guys to tracking viruses Scientists and medical professionals are in the forefront fighting Ebola. Part of their job is to investigate data to understand the virus and how it spreads. They can rely on new technologies for that. […]

VAT fraud : the mysterious case of the missing trader

We have explored in the past how businesses are targeted by fraud schemes. Countries too are victims of fraud. In Europe the Value Added Tax (VAT) is manipulated by criminals that can win hundreds of millions. Let’s see how these rings operate and how to use graph technologies to detect them. Getting rich with taxes […]