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Exploring the VW scandal with graph analysis

The German car manufacturer admitted cheating emissions tests. Which companies are impacted directly or indirectly by these revelations? James Phare from Data To Value used graph analysis and open source information to unravel the impact of the VW scandal on its customers, partners and shareholders. The VW scandal makes headlines Since September 18 when VW […]

Creating a Graph Application with Python, Neo4j, Gephi and Linkurious.js

Find out how Packt Publishing, a company editing books for developers, used linkurious.js to build one giant Python graph to understand how its content relate to StackOverflow topics.  We connected with Greg Robert from Packt Publishing who shared with us how he build a great graph visualization application on top of linkurious.js. Read his story to learn […]

Visualizing the influence of lobbies in Europe

The influence of lobbies on policy making is surrounded with controversy. In order to shed a light on this sometimes obscure activity, the European Union has setup a Transparency Register. We are going to explore the relationships it contains to understand what the lobbies work on and for which companies they work for. Getting the data ready with Neo4j […]

Combine GrapheneDB and Linkurious to visualize a cloud-based Neo4j database

GrapheneDB offers the best hosting services for Neo4j graph-databases. We are going to see how to connect Linkurious to a GrapheneDB-hosted No4j database and visualize it. Production-grade Neo4j hosting with GrapheneDB GrapheneDB is a cloud-based Database-as-a-Service provider for graph databases. It stores data in graphs, the most generic of data structures, and are especially suited for datasets where […]

How to visualize your Facebook network

Facebook knows the social network of more than a billion persons. If you are a Facebook user though, you have little tools to explore your own social network. We are going to see how, with a few scraping tools, a Neo4j graph database and Linkurious, we can visualize our Facebook network. There is no easy […]

Visualizing the European R&D network

The European Union spends billions of euros to fund R&D projects. Who benefits from that money? To answer that question, we have worked with Kenedict Innovation Analytics, a Dutch firm specialized in applying network analytics to innovation-related data. Let’s dive into the European research ecosystem! The European R&D network Every year, the European Union invests […]