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Linkurious Enterprise is an on-premises graph visualization software. The browser-based platform works on top of graph databases like Neo4j, JanusGraph, Cosmos DB, Stardog, DSE Graph and AllegroGraph. Discover the latest release articles in this section of the blog.

Linkurious Enterprise 2.9: Property key access rights, custom actions, and plugins

We are happy to share that Linkurious Enterprise 2.9 is available in beta. This new version ships with:  Property-key level access rights for finer-grained security Custom actions to interact with other apps Plugins to extend Linkurious Enterprise with your own functionalities This release also brings changes to the search syntax. Please note that this release […]

Get more out of your geospatial data with Ogma 2.8

We recently released Ogma 2.8, a new version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new Geo engine that: Improves the library performance when visualizing geographic networks. Facilitates integration with GIS tools and data formats. Adds support for advanced geospatial visualization features such as VectorTiles and Custom projections. Maps and […]

Linkurious Enterprise 2.8: schema management and timeline

We are happy to share that a new beta release of Linkurious Enterprise is available. This new version ships with:  Schema management capabilities that simplify the control, edition and display of data A timeline to provide new time analysis capabilities.  This release also brings the ability to turn on/off the the autosave mode support for […]

Linkurious Enterprise 2.6: time filtering, undo-redo, custom icons, search redesign, support for Cosmos DB

After months of preparation, Linkurious Enterprise 2.6 is now ready to ship! This beta version brings many novelties including the much-requested time-filtering capability, allowing for temporal graph analysis, as well as consecutive undo-redo actions and custom icons import. We redesigned the search and the workspace to improve the data investigation experience. This release also improves performances […]