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Linkurious Enterprise is an on-premises graph visualization software. The browser-based platform works on top of graph databases like Neo4j, JanusGraph, Cosmos DB, Stardog, DSE Graph and AllegroGraph. Discover the latest release articles in this section of the blog.

Ogma 2.2: new graphics engine and styling abilities

We recently released Ogma 2.2, a new major version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new graphics engine that improves the overall library performance, including WebGL rendering, and adds several API graph styling and interaction abilities.

Linkurious 2.1: undo function, revamped alert system and SAML2 SSO

The new major release of Linkurious Enterprise is now available. This new version brings novelties to the interface with new features such as the undo function. It also comes with a complete revamp of alerts and access rights management. Linkurious Enterprise henceforth supports JanusGraph and Stardog database systems.