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Linkurious Enterprise is an on-premises graph visualization software. The browser-based platform works on top of graph databases like Neo4j, JanusGraph, Cosmos DB, Stardog, DSE Graph and AllegroGraph. Discover the latest release articles in this section of the blog.

Image showing application of style on a graph visualization using setTheme API

Ogma 4.0: new events API, easier styling, best practices tutorial

Ogma 4.0.0 focuses on maintenance and API, delivering new features that will make your life easier, such as improving our events API and simplifying the application of a global styling to your visualization. This version also contains a breaking change of the package name. Package renaming For security and integrity reasons, and in order to […]

Case View Linkurious Enterprise 3.0

Linkurious Enterprise 3.0 beta: introducing Case Management

We are happy to announce that Linkurious Enterprise 3.0 is now available as a beta version. It marks a shift towards enabling investigation teams to better prioritize, distribute and track their workload and better collaborate on suspicious cases in the Alerts.  As a first step towards improved Case Management capabilities, Linkurious Enterprise 3.0 beta comes […]

Linkurious Enterprise 2.10: more expressive visualizations, powerful Query Templates and improved indexing strategies

We are happy to share that Linkurious Enterprise 2.10 is now available as a stable version. This new version ships with the following new capabilities:  Visualizations: edge grouping, dynamic sizing of nodes & more Query Templates: list multi-select input & more Indexing: reduce the size of your search indices  Elasticsearch: incremental indexing & more Other […]

Ogma interactive tutorial

Ogma 3.4.0: better visuals, more stability

Ogma 3.3.0 was all about optimization, but speed is nothing without style. That’s why we focused on visual quality for Ogma 3.4.0. We have new options for maps, better exports – plus new PDF exports – and delivered great new examples of how to enrich your visualization even more. export your visualization as a pdf Ogma […]

Ogma 3.3.0: Annotation layers, faster layout, faster clustering

We’re always working on features and updates to make Ogma work better for you. In the brand new Ogma v3.3.0, our team is introducing a new way to add information to your graph visualizations, the annotation layer. We have also worked on performances to make your projects even faster. Finally we also shipped brand new […]

Ogma 3.0: Visual Grouping out in beta!

We recently released Ogma 3.0, a new version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new feature called Visual Grouping. The Visual Grouping feature provides a new way to make sense of complex graphs: Highlight similar entities by grouping them together visually, Simplify visualizations by grouping nodes and relationships, Dynamically switch […]