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Elise Devaux

Marketing Project Manager

Elise works with Linkurious' team and partners to cover the emerging graph technology use cases. Previously she worked in the humanoid robotics industry on marketing projects and with third party developers. She has a degree in digital media and communication strategies from Paris-Sorbonne University.


Publications of the author

IBM compose linkurious

Linkurious announces support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose

Paris, May 9th, 2018 – Linkurious, the award-winning startup behind Linkurious Enterprise graph visualization and analysis platform, announces that it is officially adding support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose. Users deploying JanusGraph open-source distributed graph database on IBM Compose’s cloud platform will be able to investigate their graph data and detect insights through Linkurious Enterprise […]

ogma js library

Ogma 2.2: new graphics engine and styling abilities

We recently released Ogma 2.2, a new major version of Ogma, our JavaScript graph visualization library. This version comes with a new graphics engine that improves the overall library performance, including WebGL rendering, and adds several API graph styling and interaction abilities. Display large graphs on low-end computers For this new version, we developed a […]

Critical Threats Project delivers timely, actionable intelligence with Linkurious

Discover our user stories and learn about the challenges they overcame with Linkurious technology. In this post, we explain how the Critical Threats Project analysts at the American Enterprise Institute are using Linkurious Enterprise to piece together intelligent pictures of conflict dynamics, understand threats, and share recommendations. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY An international reference in […]

How big data technology is transforming fraud investigations

The inside story of the Paradise Papers leak Linkurious is a partner of the International Investigative Journalist Consortium (ICIJ) since the Swiss Leaks and the Panama Papers scandal. ICIJ network of 380 journalists used Linkurious’ data analytics software to investigate the Paradise Papers leak. With more than 1,4 terabytes of data, the Paradise Papers is the […]

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