Business intelligence for graph data

Discover the insights hidden in your graph database.

out-of-the-box graph visualization

Graph databases like Neo4j make it easier, faster and more natural to work with connected data. With Linkurious, it is now easy to quickly explore that data using your web browser. Our one-click installer works with Linux, Mac and Windows. It automatically connects to your graph database, no configuration needed.

search and explore

Type any text and find the nodes or edges it matches. Refine your query with boolean operators or by filtering on properties. Your result is displayed in a graph. Explore it interactively and identify the patterns, paths or insights hidden in your data. You have questions, we help you find the answers on your own.

highly customizable

Map the size and color of nodes or relationships to relevant properties. Add icons, show images, and select the information displayed for each visualization. Define default settings to help new users get started quickly. It is easy to make beautiful and information-rich graph visualizations.

advanced analytics

Data analysis is about filtering the signal from the noise. Hide or show nodes and relationships based on their properties. Combine filters to answer complex questions. Identify complex patterns with Cypher, a query language designed for graph analytics. Save queries or filters and share them with your colleagues. Our software leads to better analyses and faster decisions.

graph data editor

Turn Linkurious into a graph data editor. It is as easy as double-clicking to create nodes, or drag’n’drop to link them. Add, update, and remove nodes and relationships safely: all actions are logged and can be undone later.

collaborative analysis

Save the visualizations you create. Allow your colleagues to view or modify them to collaborate easily. Export in a click to Excel, Gephi or to a picture file. It is easy to collaborate or report results. Want to publish a visualization on the web? Create a widget and integrate it in a web page.

Linkurious Enterprise allowed our remote team of dozens of reporters to easily sift through complex financial data to uncover persons of interest and potential stories — all in a visual and very intuitive way.
Mar Cabra
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) #swissleaks

enterprise ready

Quickly deliver a graph exploration platform for your team.

User access management

The administration dashboard helps you manage authenticated users, user groups and data access rules. Set read/write access rules based on categories of nodes and relationships, and assign these rules to user groups as needed. Keep your existing access controls with LDAP user authentication.

Multiple databases

With Linkurious Enterprise, connect to multiple graph databases in parallel. The administration dashboard helps you manage multiple configurations, monitor indexing processes and status.


Encrypt data communication over HTTP in SSL between all endpoints. The audit log records all user operations on graph data for reporting and investigation.

Easy to deploy

Buy a license, download our software and install it on Linux, Mac, Windows, or on a cloud platform. In minutes you’ll be able to explore your data! Linkurious Enterprise runs as a server: all it takes for your users to access it is a modern browser.


Check technical requirements, learn how to install, to use, and to administrate Linkurious, and discover how it works by reading the documentation.

linkurious for you or your team

All products include a 30-day money back guarantee.

map Graph visualization
magnifyingglass Graph search
dolly Customization
barchart Analytics
gear Graph data editor
stack Multiple databases
merge Collaboration
key User access management
locked Security
support Support
€990/year per seat
Email support during business hours. 5 days a week, 10 hours a day / 7-day response time.
quote on demand
Email support during business hours. 5 days a week, 10 hours a day / 48-hour response time.

Contact us to discuss your project and how we may help. Need to build a custom graph visualization application? Check out our toolkit.

frequently asked questions


what is a seat?

Seats must be purchased for each individual in your organization that will have a Linkurious Starter or a Linkurious Enterprise authorized user account. Authorized users with seats may search, edit, create, and publish graph visualizations.

Anonymous users may access graph visualizations published by users only.

do i need to install neo4j?

Yes, unless you already use another supported graph database. Linkurious can connect to Neo4j to store the data. Neo4j is available under both open-source and commercial licenses. You can download a copy here.

how to import my data in neo4j?

To view data in Linkurious you need to import it into Neo4j first. You can import CSV formated data easily or use more advanced options (Batch importer, Talend connector).

Please contact us if you are still not sure about how to get your data in Linkurious, we will be happy to help.

do i need to have linkurious and the graph database on the same machine?

No. You will configure Linkurious to connect to a remote graph server.

what are the requirements?

You should have at least a 1.6 Ghz CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 400 MB of disk space. Our software is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. All you need is Java and a modern browser. Linkurious runs on IE10, Firefox 15, Chrome 23, Safari 6 and 7. We suggest Chrome (or Chromium) as it is currently the fastest browser to execute Web applications. Support of iOS and Android is in alpha.

For more questions, visit the documentation page.


can i evaluate linkurious enterprise before purchasing?

Contact us to discuss a potential evaluation.

we are a large company (1,000+ users). do you have licensing options for us?

Reach out to discuss special terms for a large scale deployment.

does the license include access to the source code?


which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay via credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

what happens after the purchase? how to install linkurious?

After your purchase, you will receive a link to download your software copy. Unzip the file to install it.

For more questions, visit the documentation page.