Choose the solution that best fits your needs and start exploring your graph data

for one user, per year

  • Visualize your data
  • Compatible with Neo4j
  • Full-text search engine
  • Edit data
  • Advanced queries with Cypher
  • One-click installation
  • 6 months of upgrades and support

Linkurious Enterprise
per user, per year

  • All the features of Linkurious
  • One installation for all your users
  • User account management
  • Advanced support
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  • -
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Custom Linkurious Enterprise
discuss with us

  • We customize
  • We host
  • We integrate
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30 days money-back guarantee included

Each license purchase includes a 30 days money-back guarantee. If at any time during that period you feel unsatisfied, we will refund you.


Can I evaluate Linkurious before purchasing it?

You can’t at the moment. We suggest you give our live demo a try though. It will give you a very good idea of what the experience of using Linkurious is like. If you have any questions, we can always answer. Anyway, you can get refunded up to 30 days after your purchase.

What happens after the purchase?

  1. You get an email with a download link.
  2. You choose the version of Linkurious for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux).
  3. You unzip the downloaded file where you want.
  4. You start Linkurious ; at the first time, it indexes the node properties of your database so it may take time depending on the size of your database and your computing power.
  5. Once the indexing is done, Linkurious launches a lightweight webserver to provide a Web interface that you can access with your web browser at http://localhost:3000. You may configure the port in the Linkurious settings.
  6. Go to http://localhost:3000, search for a node, then start visualize its neighborhood!

I bought Linkurious. Can I use it on Windows, Linux or Mac OS?

Yes. You can even use multiple version of Linkurious as long as it is on one computer and for one user. All you need is Java installed.

Does it run in all browsers?

All modern browsers including IE10, Firefox 15, Chrome 23, Safari 6, and Opera 12. We suggest Chrome (or Chromium) as it is currently the fastest browser to execute Web applications.

What is required?

You should have at least:

  • A computer
  • - Processor: 1 CPU 1 Ghz
  • - Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • - Disk: 60 MB
  • Java
  • Neo4j 1.9.3
  • Browser: Chrome/Chromium is the fastest to run the visualization, but other modern browsers are fine too.

Is there a limit on the size of data you can handle?

  • Database: right now, Neo4j can support a maximum of ~34 billion of nodes and ~34 billion of relationships.
  • Visualization: as for Linkurious depending on your browser and computer, you can visualize up to 500 nodes at a time.
  • Linkurious backend: roughly speaking, the size of the database you can handle in practice depends on memory, and the duration of the indexing operation depends on the number of properties in the graph. As scaling depends on multiple parameters it is difficult to provide a formula, so we provide below real-world working configurations of Linkurious used by our customers. We hope that it will help you plan the resources needed for large graphs.
Some customer configurations
Database Hardware
Nodes Relationships Properties Relationship types Machines Operating System Memory (RAM) Processors
65,000 15,000,000 15,000,000 5 1 Windows 32 GB 4 x IntelRXeon(R) 5160@3.00GH2
7,020,000 6,750,000 11,430,000 4 1 Windows 7 Enterprise 8.00 GB Intel Core i5-2400 CUP @ 3.10 GHz

How do I import data in Linkurious?

Linkurious relies on Neo4j to store the data. The data importation is thus not handled by our solution. Don’t despair just yet: if you want to import data to Neo4j, you have those solutions:

  • there is a Gephi plugin that lets you export any file compatible with Gephi to Neo4j (list of compatible formats)
  • if you can handle a spreadsheet, you can easily import csv formated data
  • for the more tech savvy there are even more option (Batch importerTalend connector)
  • if you want to get help from professionals, we can get you in touch with great people.

If you are still not sure about whether you can get your data in Linkurious contact us, we’ll be happy to answer if you contact us.

I need to share data with my team : can you handle multiple users?

We do. What you are looking for is Linkurious Enterprise. It is specifically designed to help you share your data with multiple users. If you want to learn more or become one of our test user, please contact us.

I want to put Linkurious on my website so that visitors can access the data: is it possible?

With Linkurious Enterprise yes but not with Linkurious.
With Linkurious everybody could edit your data and your database could quickly get messy. For this reason our license does not allow to put Linkurious on the Web. Linkurious Enterprise however is built to handle this.

Can I run Linkurious on Heroku or Amazon EC2?

Yes, you can run it on a paid plan with enough resources. All you need is to open the port 3000 for TCP in the EC2 admin. Please note that Linkurious is for a single user: anybody can edit data if you do not restrict the access to Linkurious and to the database (as we require in the license). Contact us to discuss the Enterprise version which handles multiple users.

Do you have an academic license?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an academic license but if you’re an academic we hope you’ll see the value in our software and support it. Of course if you can’t there are other solutions that you might consider, see our comparative study.

More tech questions?

See our Support page.