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We build software that supercharge people working with complex connected data. With beauty and simplicity in mind, we democratize the graph visualizations techniques to help everyone extract concrete insights from graphs. Join us to make the world smarter!

our story

Dr Sébastien Heymann co-created Gephi in 2008. It has been downloaded >1M times and is currently used by researchers and data scientists across the world. In 2012, with the help of Stanford University, Sébastien worked on a tool that would make graph visualization accessible to a wider audience. A few months later in January 2013, Linkurious was born.

With a first product, we learnt from a small set of customers. Network management, logistics, genomics, fraud detection: the people solving these real world problems were all struggling to understand large connected datasets.

We are focused on helping our customers find answers in graph data, no matter how complex or how large. We want them to achieve incredible results without having to learn complex querying languages or go through extensive training.

Our small expanding team relies on a rapidly growing number of customers among the world most innovative organizations. We are on a mission to democratize graph visualization.

the team

Jean Villedieu - Sales & Marketing
Sébastien Heymann - CEO
David Rapin - CTO
Sylvain Milan - Software engineer
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life at linkurious

Each team member at Linkurious performs a variety of tasks. The environment is creative and hard working, weekly goals are set and the team constantly looks into future solutions. Winter and summer camps abroad are great times we share together.

We are looking for people who are not just very good at what they do. Passion, creativity and a fair amount of crazyness: are you ready to put it all on the line to build a truly innovative product?

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At Linkurious we believe in some strong values:

  • a job is the opportunity to learn and to grow up;
  • a company is as good as its employees;
  • we love solving complex issues to make our customers' lives easier, and sometimes to have a positive social impact;
  • technical expertise is not enough: to succeed in an innovative environment we constantly question ourselves, remain humble and curious.

You speak French or are willing to learn it, and you want to improve your skills while producing quality code? Join us to create the world leader in graph visualization for professionals!

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